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Assits is a modern IT support company offering independent advice and guidance along with practical help on making your IT work for you. Business success is based on many things and in the current era, good IT plays a crucial role. By good IT we mean computers and systems that are cost effective, fit for purpose and applications that work well behind the scenes to support everything you do. Good IT helps you provide excellent customer service, meet deadlines, appear professional and produce a great product or service offering.

We believe your IT needs to work for you, because although we really enjoy all that techy stuff, it’s likely that you really don’t, and our clients want to get on with running their businesses, not spending hours trying to find files or make a laptop work with a printer, or worse still deal with the fallout from a major IT meltdown or loss of data.

At Assits we can advise on the best bits of kit for your business and help you purchase them, install them and run them. We’ll back everything up so that you never lose data. And we believe in the best value for money. We are independent so we can shop around for the best solution for you.

Cloud Computing has changed the IT landscape and made really good solutions very cost effective for small businesses. It allows you to access any information, at any time, from anywhere, using any device. This opens up completely new ways of working with your customers and suppliers. New ways that help to increase the value of what you do best. We love the cloud, use it constantly ourselves, know all about it and can help you make the most of it for your business too.

The team at Assits has experience working for all types and sizes of businesses, from large organisations like Hewlett Packard, Ford and Easyjet to much smaller businesses with less than ten staff. We have Microsoft certified engineers and know our way around all of the Microsoft kit you might be using. We are also a Google authorised reseller and can help you make the most of everything Google has to offer for businesses.

We really enjoy IT. Get in touch to talk about how we might work together and we’ll look forward to hearing about your business and how we can help it succeed.

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