Is your Website Successful?


If you don’t know, then the answer is ‘probably not’. Fortunately you can do something about that.

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Leadership of Microsoft


Nothing says 'Job well done' like getting your company’s share price to jump 9%.... Unless the thing you did was to resign.

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Email 'barnies'


Are you burning with rage? Are you really quite upset by something your colleague has just done or said? Well don’t hit that send button just yet!

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What makes the cloud so great?


You have been hearing it everywhere for several years but cloud computing really is the way forward. But what makes cloud computing so good and why should you consider using it in your business? Let Assits cut through the fog and clarify why cloud computing really should be on your agenda.

Here are five good reasons to start your thinking:

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IT is not about computers


If the term ‘IT department’ conjures up images of geeky nerds fixings circuit boards, talking Mega wotsits and Giga thingys, then you need a crash course in how IT drives business.

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How to get 1 Billion hits


South Korean musician PSY is set to get 1 billion hits on YouTube.

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Google goes shopping


Google adds new service to help when you are browsing specifically to buy something.

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Your Privacy Concerns – Answered!


There hardly seems to be a week go by without someone raising the alarm about privacy. Currently it is the turn of the French government to complain to Google about its new amalgamated privacy policy.

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Patent wars


It seems everyone is suing everyone else about patent infringement these days. But it is not a new phenomenon.

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